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     Roos Soetekouw, The Elephant Stamp

    Behind every design in The Elephant Stamp's collection is a story and Roos Soetekouw's wonderfully unique designs are no exception. 

    The Fringe Collection's marble design is in fact inspired by the textures and composition found in an old mattress. Roos designed the interiors for The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam and with the hotel bed playing an important role during your stay, the mattress's internal shapes and patterns became the design concept. 

    Roos Soetekouw Fringe Collection  The Elephant Stamp

    Roos Soetekouw The Elephant Stamp

    She then translated this design into the collection's cushions and blankets and experimented with different yarns including mohair, polyester and cotton to create the fabric blend. Looking closely at the fabric, you can see that when the polyester and mohair is woven together, it forces the mohair to pop out but when combined with the cotton, it glides beautifully. To add a further uniqueness, the excess fringe which would usually be cut off by the machine is left to create the colourful fringe. 

    Roos Soetekouw, Zoe throw

     The fabric is custom-woven at Tilburg's Textile Museum, once home to Holland's booming textile industry. Today, the museum houses a small machine park with a couple of looms and machines, allowing the production of environmentally friendly fabric. 

    Now you have the story, enjoy browsing her amazing collection. 




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